Im interacting personally with as few people as possible. I go to work i sneak inside my apartment and then repeat the next day. At home we pretty much have been eating whatever leftovers my mom brings us because i cant even be bothered to go to the store. I cry a lot. I break things and yell and throw tantrums like im five. And i feel overwhelmingly guilty and selfish. Nick is trying to be understanding but i dont think he quite understands whats going on so we mostly just argue until i start crying. Then he feels bad and im feeling even worse than before. Then we apologize and hug it out and we are good for a few hours, or a few days and then we do it all over again. Its exhausting. But im forcing myself to go to a doctor and hopefully that helps. I just have to manage for two more weeks until im able to get in to swe someone.

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Sing this to me on our wedding day


Every Hit Song from 1999 in one video. 

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An Unexpected Hero

Created by Christopher Stoll

Once Upon a December…

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